I’ve always been interested in houses, floor plans, the relationship between structure and site and architectural diversity. A native Californian, I grew up in a simple gable-roofed adobe with many doors opening to long porches, like a small town train depot. I think it gave me a fixation on circulation and fresh air: there are no dead-end rooms, every in has an out, and every space connects to the outside.

Dan Gregory

Dan Gregory

I received a Ph. D. in Architectural History from U. C. Berkeley and was Sunset magazine’s senior home editor before coming to Houseplans.com. My recent book about Cliff May (published by Rizzoli, 2008) tells the story of the influential designer who helped popularized the suburban ranch house.


I think of Houseplans.com as an expanding template for affordable quality in home design. Our Project Advisors, Design Department, and huge inventory of stock plans give you a head start in the complex process of creating a new home. With Eye on Design, Get Inspired, and Looking Around – not to mention our Customizer Tool, unique specially commissioned designs, and plan collections – we want to spark your architectural imagination so that your new home is the best it can be.

7 responses to “About EYE ON DESIGN

  1. Hello, Dan Gregory. I am a fan of Cliff May’s. I sold my midwestern “California” ranch in 2006 to downsize to an 1899 two bedroom farmhouse. But, I still miss my long, sprawling ranch with porches, big overhangs, vaulted ceilings and uplighting….all from 1962. So, I am interested in your book that you wrote about Cliff May…in this post you say…”shown at right” regarding it… I can’t find it on this site…any clues.

    from yous

  2. Sally Aberg Becom

    Greetings, Dan! Jeffrey and I have lost touch with you. It is wonderful to see what you have been up to since Sunset—the book, blog and website! I am currently heading a campaign to try and save an amazing modernist house in Pacific Grove from a wrecking ball. I would be most grateful if you could email me so I can give you a little history and then ask a few questions. I am very hopeful that you will be able to supply the answers and perhaps help confirm whether or not this home was featured in Sunset sometime between 1953 and 1960.

  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for re-connecting. Let me know about any HG introductions. Keep in touch.



  4. Hi Dan,

    Great to hear what you have been up to recently. The Cliff May book looks great – Congratulations! Believe it or not – the BAR book, “The Place Itself” is finally ready and going on sale Nov 24th. Need to send you copy and talk with you about the celebratory event we are planning. Can you email or call me so we can discuss ? Look forward to hearing from you!

  5. Dear Mr.Dan

    I am live in a country of egypt ,and I am interesting with your designes and ideas,I wich we can connecting each other so we can find suitable way to present some ideas in egyptian market more flexible and less cost.
    Ahmed Mansour

  6. Dan,

    I am writing an article for Modern in Denver Magazine about the Cliff May homes in Harvey Park. I have your beautiful book on Cliff May which mentions Harvey Park (and even has a couple of great scans of sales-pamphlets). I am wondering if you would be willing to speak with me about your insights on the neighborhood (of which I am a resident), and if you would be willing to share some of the resources that you have…

    Thanks much!


  7. d/dan,
    i just happened to bump into your site since i am into real estate advertising….i found it very interesting, especially the energy efficient structures that goes a long way in reducing carbon footprint….great job

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