More Barn-Inspired House Plans

Three-Part Invention

One good barn deserves another! I have written about this house type as a rich source of design ideas before, and here is the latest Farmhouse Modern variation designed by architect Nicholas Lee, AIA. It has the

888-15classic three-part organization of a vintage barn: tall central gable flanked by lower side shed-roofed wings, but here those wings are deep porches running the length of the house. The additional twist is the tall window wall at the fireplace end of the vaulted great room, as you can see above. The expanse of glass adds a modern element to the traditional sheltering porches and rustic board and

888-15 main floor

batten siding. The simple but very contemporary layout includes a vaulted great room containing an island kitchen at one end under a loft office. The master suite forms the opposite end of the house. The stairway occupies the center

888-15 upper

of the house and additional bedrooms and baths are behind the office on the second floor. The great room, kitchen, and master bedroom all open to both

888-15 side viewporches for graceful indoor-outdoor flow. The design suits rural sites and temperate climates. If insects are a problem one or both porches could be

888-15 other sidescreened. Depending on orientation, views, wind, and other site conditions, one porch could be for use in the morning and the other for midday or evening.

888-15 great roomThe light-filled, open rooms — with minimalist modern touches as shown in the glass railing in the loft over the kitchen — contrast with the dark woodsy quality of many vintage barns. It’s the kind of design that allows easy adaptation. Bravo Nick!

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2 responses to “More Barn-Inspired House Plans

  1. This is a modern interpretation of a Shotgun’ house with a Camelback second story. What makes it modern, is the lateral main hallway serving the rooms. This arrangement is quite popular in modern design applied to small square footage one or two bedroom designs and modular/flatpack/ADU/Skinny home construction.
    The featured design also somewhat emulates the ‘Monitor’ barn style where the tangentially attached sides/leanto’s are closed in.

    My only fault of this design is the plumbing arrangement. When I design using this type of arrangement, I use a common plumbing wall for the Kitchen and utility/bathroom and if a separate MS bath is used, the plumbing wall for that is parallel to the main plumbing wall with only an 5′ to 10′ offset. Arranging the plumbing in that fashion save money and reduces roof penetrations when vents are able to be combined.

  2. Awesome to see a successful blend of minimalist architectural sensibilities and classic rural motifs– great example.

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