Small Home Success Story

Contemporary Cottage Living

Meet our latest cottage plan by Bay Area architect Cathy Schwabe. It’s only 840 square feet but  thanks to a wide deck, soaring ceilings, large windows, and strategically placed built-ins, it feels much larger. Recalling the “Hedgerow Houses” that her former mentor Joe Esherick designed at the Sea Ranch on the Northern California coast, this shed roof design suits a sloping country lot.

891-3 fence view

Plan 891-3 is rustic and contemporary at the same time, thanks to the board-

891-3 view from below

and-batten siding and the crisp angular outline. The layout is eminently

891-3 plan

practical: one bedroom, one bath plus a study-guest room and a kitchen-living

891-3 entry

area off the deck. The small entry has room for coats and boots; the glass front door adds spaciousness. The kitchen doubles as the dining room with a table at

891-3 kitchen

the center. It’s compact but functional and welcoming: sink under the windows, ample counter space, warm wood floor, walls, and cabinetry to complement the white ceiling, which amplifies the daylight. The living room has  windows on

891-3 living room

three sides and opens to the deck through sliding doors, all of which makes the space feel like a separate pavilion in the air. A cylindrical Rais wood stove

891-3 bedroom

occupies one corner. The focal point in the bedroom is the window bay containing a low counter and built-in shelves for book storage and display.

891-3 study

Nearby is the small study with its simple built-in desk under a row of pendant lights. (All photos by David Wakely)

One of the things that makes this little cabin so compelling is the carefully studied proportions of  the windows — they line up, are set low in the wall — to allow you to see the ground outside even when you are sitting down — and are consistent from room to room. It’s the little wood cabin that conjures getaway dreams, and joins Cathy’s Studio Plan 891-1 in our Signature Plans Collection. Thanks, Cathy!

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