Wow Factors at Home in Las Vegas

Run of House

You expect to see extremes in Las Vegas, and the latest New American Home did not disappoint. Call it an architectural flash flood with almost 7,000 sq. ft. of

contemporary razzle dazzle: the home as floor show. There is the system of indoor-outdoor infinity edge pools with a swim-up bar/barbecue-kitchen (near the planter middle/left in the photo above — no need to dry off when you’re

sinking your teeth into a Kobe beef burger). There is the wide variety of open air media rooms — here’s one that occupies a sunken platform between two bodies of water (Red Sea parting! or maybe departing; it is a desert after all…) where what looks like a fireplace is the housing for the flat screen TV and the long rectangular fire pit keeps things toasty on cool evenings. There is the outdoor

master bedroom across a little patio garden from the indoor master bedroom (the outdoor one is in the distance in the photo above), which would be handy for insomniacs or the partners of snorers. There is the diaphanous curtain-swathed soaking tub between bedroom and bath proper, the sybaritic outdoor

shower on a bridge beside the master bathroom, and the courtyard waterfall wall that doubles as a projection screen. Hey, it’s Vegas! There is the kitchen as

stage set — a two-story Babylonian temple full of sleek uncluttered surfaces including a prep island, buffet island, and built-in breakfast table. And there is

the floating pavilion for when you want to get away without getting away. You can either swim up to it or enter from the path at the back; just don’t get the sheets wet. The desert island has almost become a trademark of builder/developer Blue Heron Design Build, who also did the previous New American Home in Las Vegas. The big idea was clearly outdoor living and showing how almost every space can become an outdoor room, and conversely, how outdoor features like gabions (stone filled metal baskets originally used for erosion control) can be brought inside for use as accent walls (all above photos, courtesy Builder magazine).

So, what to make of all this high rolling and the house as casino/resort? Dignitaries at the opening spoke about the project’s many resource-wise features, which seemed, shall we say, slightly contradictory, when there were so many resources on display. To my mind such a project is all about entertainment and showmanship: a way of demonstrating and selling products, systems, and ideas — not the house itself.

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One response to “Wow Factors at Home in Las Vegas

  1. it’s nice, but it’s only useful in about 20% of the countrry…that with a desert climate. There is no way you could have this house outside of the southwest. Put it in the southeast and insects would drive you out of the lovely “open spaces” and the foyer that’s “open on both sides” in minutes.

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