Water Jets and Floating Homes

The Fluid Life

Summer heat has driven me to the drink (not just to the pitcher of margaritas!) and to wondering about waterscapes where fevered souls might find summer solace. I’m thinking water canons, like the extraordinary plumbing devices by WET Design that send baroque patterns of spray hundreds of feet in the air at places like the Bellagio in Las Vegas and the pool in front of the Burj al Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest skyscraper.

These two views of the fountains at the Burj only hint at the remarkable spectacles that the fountains provide — there’s music too. The technology involved with throwing all this water around is fascinating. At a home builder show a while ago I saw a demonstration model of one of WET Design‘s smaller water cannons.

The valve pivots and swivels in multiple directions to create different spray patterns. The device looked to me like a jet engine with a nozzle. Very impressive. But perhaps a little large for my backyard sprinkler and you couldn’t run through it — it would run through you.

To continue the watery theme, but bring it a little closer to home, what about houseboats. Such compact designs are always worth a look for inspiration and ideas to adapt for landlocked abodes. This contemporary example, the Schwimmhaus by the intriguingly named German firm Confused Direction, caught my eye.

(This image courtesy Inhabitat.com.) I like the way the window wall tilts upward and forward for maximum light and view, making the deck appear to extend indoors, and creating the slope for the roof. Makes me want to sail away. And as it happens we have an exclusive plan that is very similar — by Mumbai architect Rinka d’Monte, Plan 467-2 — it’s part of our Exclusive Studio.

It’s not a houseboat but it feels like one, at least to me, and freshens the breeze in my imagination.

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  1. great post,I liked this plan.Thanks

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