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Spring makes me look more closely at the interior of my house. From the patches of peeling paint I now see here and there (how did they get there?! ) it’s clear we have work to do. I’ll probably put it off until the last moment but until then it’s easy, and wonderfully inexpensive, just to think about new possibilities in colors and coverings for the walls. Here are some wall-related ideas for new and old houses to help you procrastinate a little before spreading tarps and getting out the ladder.


I’m a big fan of Bradbury & Bradbury art wallpapers. This firm made their name by recreating richly ornamental wallpapers from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Their Victorian patterns include intricate floral designs (one is shown here) that reproduce work by the English decorative artist and tastemaker William Morris.

lilies_frieze_400 bradbury wallpaper

Especially suited to Craftsman bungalows is Bradbury’s series of mural-style papers dominated by images of nature. Here’s an especially fine pine tree design often used along the plate rail in a dining room or above the fireplace.


Newest in the Bradbury wallpaper line-up is their Modernism series, emphasizing geometric patterns like this one. It’s the sort of design that might work for a small accent wall or as a backdrop for a display area.



Another way to go, especially for kids’ rooms, is to create a photo mural. A popular approach to wall decoration in the 1960s and 1970s, especially for corporate offices, it’s experiencing a comeback in homes thanks to the wide range of designs possible with today’s digital imaging systems. Here’s one from Target that might suit a family room.

51G7tZG1VcL._AA400_Target wall mural

Other digital mural resources include BlueRiver Digital, and Murals for Kids. Or google “Digital Murals.”

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